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# What is drawing you back??#

Alpha and Omega

No one ever says they wished they’d spent less time with their families and more time working a job they hated.

No one says that their fulfillment came from hustling in a rat race.

Yet, many people work jobs that leave them feeling empty, that take time away from the people they love, and that leave them too tired to pursue the hobbies that make them happy. All because the need to survive creates fear. It’s easy to fear not having enough, not being able to get more, or that resources will dry up.

The world has become poisoned by a scarcity mindset through fear; “I need to have more because there’s not enough for everyone. When I have enough for me, then I’ll help others who don’t have enough.”

This way of living, as in gaining more of what we already have out of fear we won’t be able to get any more of it, closes us off to a fulfilling life.

We end up trading too much of our time and sanity to earn more money. We spend more and more on things that don’t matter to us.

We feel unnecessary pressure to own, have, and do things one way because that’s what we’ve been told to define things as “success.” This type of thinking can keep you in survival mode.

“Let us keep on keeping on”

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