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What converts better than GENIUS LANDER ?…

You Got Mail from GeniusLander!

Hey! Wait a minute… Nothing converts better than Genius LanderBut yes you can still improve your conversions significantly (even with a great Genius Lander page as your starting point)

Let me share with you a method for super-optimizing your results: 
test, track and tweak EVERYTHING.

Most people tend to neglect this step. They figure if their lists are growing, then they’re not going to fix what isn’t broken. 
However, even small improvements to your lead pages and campaigns can produce big results.
For example, let’s say you have a lead page that’s pulling a 25% conversion rate. That means for every 100 people who land on your lead page, twenty five of them sign up.

Not bad.
But imagine if you did a little testing and were able to improve that to a 35% conversion rate… or 45%… or even 65% or more.

Suddenly, any paid advertising you do gives you a much higher return on your investment. And your list and your revenues are going to grow a whole lot more quickly.
Point is, it’s well worth it to test your campaigns. 

Here are the best places to start your testing and tweaking for maximal response rates:
1) Your Segmentation statement/question

2) Your Proposition or offer text

3) Your Call to Action

4) The lead magnet itself

The cool thing is that Genius Lander makes it easy to test different variations.Simply build out a page then hit the clone button and copy it, make your tweaks/changes and get started testing.

TIP: For split testing & tracking your results, use the Split Test Monkey software (you get FREE, LIFETIME ACCESS with your Genius Lander VIP account) —

Just login to Genius Lander head over to your ‘Account’ tab and use the bonus link to get your Split Test Monkey account created today 🙂

The GeniusLander Team
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