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Welcome to a new PRODUCT of making money online appliances/

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Thank You for considering to Promote this Webinar. This webinar promotes a Secret Traffic Source to help you promote your business opportunity or affiliate offers in the Make Money Online Niche. You can earn a high commission on those who decide to leverage this traffic source. As an affiliate, you already know the importance of traffic, so this should be an easy sale for you. I also have a free training video to help you find potential buyers at ………….    

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. Thanks!

ATTENTION: Early bird Discount Expires Very SOON…
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Save Thousands On BestsellingBusiness and Marketing
Automation Apps…
The Biggest Software Bundle Deal of The Year is Here!

AvailableFor 6 Days ONLY!

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  • All The Top-Selling, Highest-Rated BusinessAutomation Apps Inside ONE Dashboard!
  • Stop Paying For Multiple Apps andExpensive Monthly Subscriptions!
  • Add POWERFUL Traffic & ConversionTechnologies To Your Arsenal!
  • Take Your Video, Social, Email and WebinarMarketing To Whole New Levels!
  • Replace ALL Your Critical Marketing AppsFor a SUPER LOW One-Time Price.
  • And So Much More!

Get AutomationBundle For Just $497 $39.95 One-Time!


Your low investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee!

The Best App Developers and Marketers In The Business…

Matt Bush
Dr. Amit Pareek
Bravinn Technologies
Jeremy Gislason
Joshua Zamora
Madhav Dutta
Jamie Ohler
Jay Sharma
Abhi Dwivedi
Simon Hodgkinson
Brett Ingram

…Have Teamed Up With Paul Ponna and Todd Gross…

Todd Gross
Paul Ponna

To Present The BIGGESTSoftware Bundle Deal Ever Conceived!


If You Want To Truly Beat The Competition in 2019….You Need To Seriously Raise Your A-Game!

And the best way to do that is to make your business more
productive and efficient!

If you don’t already know by now…

Time is money.

And if you’re not truly utilizing your time effectively, it’s costing you dearly.

And in ways that you may have never even thought of!

Consider this…

If you can save yourself 10-20 hours per week of work…

…while making the SAME, if not MORE money…

Then it becomes even easier for you to build your business, and in ways that you couldn’t even possibly imagine before!

It’s simple, isn’t it?Time wasted is MONEY wasted!

Turn those wasted hours into more productive, more efficient time, and you can transform your business – practically overnight!

Just by reclaiming and better utilizing the time you’re not properly utilizing now…

…you can build your business even faster and bigger than ever before!


…you can just enjoy those freed-up hours with your friends and family relaxing and doing leisure activities, while not losing any income!

Let’s face it, that’s why most of us decided to run an online business in the first place, isn’t it?…

To make more money while working less?

Automation and time-leveraging can be your secret to success!

The more tasks that you can automate and make more efficient, the further ahead of the curve you’ll be!

With the right arsenal of apps, tools and automation to streamline your work time while increasing your productivity – you’ll work less while making more money!

You’ll also become a LOT more competitive, because you’ll be getting more relevant work done in less time than your competition!

What started as a “weird” concept,turned into an amazing venture!

Hey it’s Paul Ponna and Todd Gross…

In our combined 25+ years of marketing, we’ve developed multiple award-winning software tools and had the good fortune of helping over 50,000 customers.

After carefully listening to our clients over the years, we discovered that a few critical issues were stopping our customers from succeeding and profiting the way they should be…

We wanted to figure out a way to give back to our loyal customers and find solutions to some of the biggest issues online entrepreneurs and business owners face each day.

We masterminded with the brightest minds in the business to come up a COMPLETE SOLUTION to automate traffic, leads and sales.

Our goal was to save you time by eliminating problems such as information overload, lack of time, budget and technical experience.

After several months of deliberation with the best in the business we came up with the ULTIMATE software bundle that will change the way you do business forever…

Introducing… Automation Bundle!

Exponentially Grow Your Business And Crush Your Competition Using This ‘All-Inclusive’ Software Bundle…

The ONLY Powerhouse Suite of Software ToolsYou Will Ever Need!

A Powerful Arsenal of Software Tools Available On-Demand
To Anyone – Regardless of Their Budget!

Dramatically boost productivity while saving valuable time!

Automation Bundle is an ALL-IN-ONE SUITE ofspecially-selected top-selling, market-proven apps.

This is the stuff that can give anyone the competitive edge that’s needed for success!

The powerful apps in Automation Bundle can take your business to entirely new levels. That’s not an exaggeration!

Whether you’re a marketer, business owner, blogger, or ecom store owner –highly-experienced or total newbie – you can benefit from Automation Bundle!

ALL apps included are fully-licensed, actively-supported andcontinuously-updated – with full training and tutorials!

Automation Bundle - logo

Get READY To Dominate Any Niche or Market You Enter!

You can easily access these powerhouse apps via a single, easy-to-use dashboardwith one secure login from your web browser!

(NOTE: Some apps included with Automation Bundle arefully-optimized for mobile devices too!)

  • No Need For Multiple AppsEliminate expensive monthly subscriptions.
  • No Information OverloadAll market proven apps are included!
  • No Experience NeededComes with step-by-step video training!

Everyone is LOVING this…

Adeel ChowdhryAdeel Chowdhry

This is CRAZY! Automation Bundle has EVERY SINGLE TOOL I need to run my online business.

I used several different programs to create designs, make videos, send emails, produce content, and run webinars, but NOW I have all the tools I need in AutomationBundle.

This is going to save me TIME & MONEY. Well done!

Ben MurrayBen Murray

Wow, Paul & Todd this is a competition killer.You’ve outdone yourselves on this one. I am blown away with all the amazing value and the business automation apps included inside AutomationBundle.

This is the BIGGEST software bundle I have ever seen. I am excited to use all the powerful tools inside the package to automate my business.

Good luck, you have a winner here!

Lets’ face a hard, cold fact…

When it comes to getting clicks and/orConversions online, the competition is BRUTAL.

You need to stay at the top of your game, otherwise you’ll be hopelessly left behind!

No matter if you’re a brick and mortar business owner, site owner, a niche blogger, or any other kind of online, social, or affiliate marketer, it’s…

Thrive Or Die.

If your business is not consistently growing, you will eventually get eaten alive by the never-ending competition!

By taking full advantage of the power of automation and increased productivity, you’ll instantly gain an entirely new competitive edge.

That’s exactly what you get from Automation Bundle!

So just what can you do with Automation Bundle?

Here’s a quick look at the included apps, along with their key features and capabilities…

The all new and enhanced VideoBuilder 2.0 (by Paul Ponna and Todd Gross) is a powerful “all-in-one” 3D-animated avatar creator coupled with a dynamic, flexible and full-featured video editor .

It gives you a TOTAL SOLUTION to create attention-grabbing 3D avatar, screen capture, live action, and animated videos in ANY language!

VideoBuilder harnesses the latest technology that takes 3D animation and text-to-speech to the cutting edge.

It’s super EASY TO USE – with zero learning curve!

VideoBuilder currently retails for as much as $47. SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS: Agency license worth $67 is included!

Automation Platform #1

Automation Platform 1

With DesignoPro2 (by Todd Gross and Bravinn Technologies), you can create super professional-looking vector graphics for websites, ads or social media or any other purpose with just a few clicks – with NO special skills!

Produce top-quality graphics without expensive designers or outsourcing!

DesignoPro2 currently retails for as much as $30.

Automation Platform #2

Automation Platform 2

Chit Chat Chimp (by PromoteLabs) – gives you the power to set-up automated, fully-configured chat bots on your sites and landing pages that will be on the job – 24/7/365!

Setup chatbots to help potential buyers make buying decisions, offer upsells and cross sells, handle objections and boost sales, offer promo codes to reduce cart abandonment, provide on-the-fly customer support and a lot more!

Chit Chat Chimp doesn’t rely on any messenger apps or third party plugins/services. Use it on any landing page or website!

Chit Chat Chimp UNLIMITED sites license currently retails for as much as $97/year

Automation Platform #3

Automation Platform 3

With Canvas (by Dropmock) you can easily create pro-quality, eye-catching video covers for your Facebook pages and even for the pages of paying clients – with just a few clicks!

With a dynamic, video-based Facebook page cover, you can improve your branding, and stand out from the crowd. Plus, clients will pay you to help them do the same thing!

Canvas UNLIMITED use commercial licensecurrently retails for as much as $47.

Automation Platform #4

Automation Platform 4

With LiveReel (by Abhi Dwivedi) you can livestream, post, and syndicate your videos to over 15+ video platforms – and a whole lot more!

Stream your video live across Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Periscope, Twitch, MobCrush, and several other video and social media channels – with total ease!

You can also add elements like lower-thirds, backgrounds, multi-lingual closed captioning and more!

LiveReel UNLIMITED video license retails for as much as $47!

Automation Platform #5

Automation Platform 5

VideoSpin Blaster (by Stoica Sdr) allows you to create MULTIPLE videos on the fly, spin images and video clips with unlimited variations and much more!

It also allows you to add cool attention-grabbing effects to both new and existing videos, and even copy-protect your videos with watermarks!

It’s never been easier to create professional image and video slideshow presentations.

With the video spinning capability, you can create unique variations of the same video to get higher search rankings and more traffic!

And there’s so much more that VideoSpin Blaster can do!

VideoSpin Blaster PRO unlimited license currently retails for as much as $37!

Automation Platform #6

Automation Platform 6

SyndLab (by Joshua Zamora) is a powerful social app that automatically syndicates posts, videos, memes, and any other content to 30+ different social media sites and channels!

Get FAST search rankings and tons of new visitors with just a few clicks!

Just follow a few easy steps, then click a button – Syndlab does the rest – NO specials skills needed!

It’s super-easy to use, and can help get your sites ranking higher on Google in as little as 48 hours.

Syndlab PRO license currently retails for as much as $97!

Automation Platform #7

Automation Platform 7

HQWebinar (by Madhav Dutta) lets you easily profit from live and/or recorded webinars with a state-of-the-art, peer-to-peer webinar platform.

It’s super easy to use, even if you’re a total newbie!

You can re-run recorded webinars as “live” webinars with just a couple of clicks.

There are no limits or quotas on attendees or webinar broadcasts, so you can re-run webinars as often as you want!

And with HQWebinar, you can easily run live/recorded webinars for your high-paying clients too!

Easy integration with WordPress, Shopify, Leadpages, Clickfunnels and many other platforms, makes HQWebinar a piece of cake to feature on any site, landing page or social media.

HQWebinar UNLIMITED Commercial Licensecurrently retails for as much as $97/month.

Automation Platform #8

Automation Platform 8

Sellin Messenger (by Jai Sharma & Saransh) allows you to sell products, services and add-ons easily via Facebook Messenger!

Now you can easily convert raw visitors into leads and subscribers automatically!

Sellin Messenger chats, engages and helps you profit from your Facebook page and website visitors – on autopilot!

Just set everything up once – and then forget it. Sellin Messenger does the rest!

You can even use Sellin Messenger to leverage FB Messenger as your own customer “helpdesk” and a whole lot more!

Sellin Messenger UNLIMITED Agency Plancurrently retails for as much as $97/year.

Automation Platform #9

Automation Platform 9

MailPrimo (by Amit Pareek) is a complete cloud-based autoresponder platform. Now you can send unlimited emails to your lists with NO monthly subscription fees and/or limitations.

This app alone can save you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR on mail services such as Mailchimp, Aweber, InfusionSoft, Sendgrid and other services!

It’s fully CAN-compliant, and includes several state-of-the-art tools and templates which are proven to increase open/click rates – and with NO additional work or expense!

MailPrimo UNLIMITED Subscriber Pro Plancurrently retails for as much as $87.95.

Automation Platform #10

Automation Platform 10

Vizully (by Mo Latif and Brett Ingram) is a PROVEN SYSTEM that delivers you 100% FREE targeted traffic!

Easily create and share stunning visual content that will attract audiences, increase engagement, boost your brands, increase traffic and sales and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

By leveraging content on social media, the SMART way, you can instantly target tons of new visitors and potential buyers from a global social media audience of over 3+ BILLION people!

There’s no easier way to turn social media viewers into paying customers, and at ZERO COST!

Even better, Vizully helps you get your own visitors and customers to do the selling and promotion for you!

Attract entirely new audiences with visual content that resonates, builds trust and engages them for maximum impact – on complete autopilot, and a whole lot more!

Vizully UNLIMITED Pro license currently retails for as much as $30.

Automation Platform #11

Automation Platform 11

EZ Spokesperson Creator (by Matt Bush) allows you to create stunning human spokesperson videos with dozens of customizable options, backgrounds, lowerthirds, sound tracks and more!

You can choose from dozens of professional spokespersons including Todd Gross!

Create amazing HD commercials ready to sell for $100 to $300 each to local business and clients!

EZ Spokesperson Creator UNLIMITED Commercial License retails at around $27!

Automation Platform #12

Automation Platform 10

With The Right Tools You Can GenerateMORE Traffic, Sales and Leads,Faster Then Ever Before…

That’s what Automation Bundle delivers!

Most marketers, website owners, and business owners simply don’t have the ability nor the budget to properly utilize and leverage their time the way they should be!

Especially when they have to deal with all the other day-to-day responsibilities associated with running a business.

It only makes it MORE difficult to focus your energies where they’re needed the most, in order to grow your business!

Automation Bundle helps you make the most of your time…so you can make more money with less work!

Everyone is LOVING this…

Matt BushMatt Bush

Wow! The amount of value that you are getting here is just staggering. 12 software apps for the price of one?

That’s 12 different ways to make money, 12 different ways to move your business forward. And best of all, you can use the tools TOGETHER.

Don’t miss this!

Roshni DhalRoshni Dhal

‘Priceless’ that’s the word that comes to my mind when I see AutomationBundle and all the apps include inside.

I pay $700 each month for similar tools to automate my business. I am highly impressed and satisfied with the huge value packed into the Bundle.

Excellent work team! #StealDeal 🙂

Automation Bundle Is The Ultimate Secret WeaponFor ANY Business, Marketer or Website Owner!

Here’s a quick demo of all the amazing value packed,in to this amazing bundle!

Automation Bundle Is Accessed Via Your Web Browser –Nothing To Download, Install Or Update – EVER!

All apps included in Automation Bundle are hosted on Google, Amazon’sS3 or Microsoft Azure’sUltra-reliable CloudNetworks!

Securely Access YourApps From ONE Dashboard!

With Automation Bundle,You Get UnprecedentedMarketing AndCreative POWER!

Best Of All, At A LowOne-Time Price,Breaking Down to Just$3 to $5 Per App!

But Only During ThisEXCLUSIVE Offer– Which Is AvailableFor 6 Days ONLY!

When The TimerHits Zero, This Deal IsGONE FOREVER.

Instantly Replace DOZENS of Expensive Apps…

Get AutomationBundle For Just $497 $39.95 One-Time!

AutomationBundle - Special DealGet Instant Access To Automation Bundle!

Your low investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee!

Automation BundleWill Be There For You, Now andIn The Future!

Each app’s respective team of developers will be always hard at work behind the scenes. We’re all committed to continuously supporting, updating and improving all Automation Bundle apps behind the scenes, with no downtimes or disruptions, ever!

Rest assured that every app included with Automation Bundle will just keep getting better and better in the future. Our developers are committed to keeping up with future innovations and technical changes as needed to keep all apps performance optimally!

And don’t forget, you’ll be able to easily access any app on your Automation Bundle dashboard from virtually any browser, with nothing to download or install – ever!

Automation Bundle

Hands Down This Will Be TheBest Investment You Make This Year!

Replace Expensive Monthly Subscriptions With The PowerhouseSoftware Tools Included Inside AutomationBundle…

Unlimited Social Videos

Create super-slick and professional Facebook“video covers” to grow your brand!





Unlimited Webinar Automation

Run UNLIMITED live or recorded evergreen webinars with no monthly fees!





Unlimited Graphic Creation

Easily create high-quality logos, headers, bannersand creative images with just a few clicks.



Adobe Photoshop


Unlimited Video Creation

Create professional screen captures, dynamic effects andmore with a full-featured video editor and creator!





Unlimited Live Chat

Smart chat agents to provide support, close moreleads and sales on your websites, blogs and ecom sites.





Unlimited Live Video Broadcasts

Broadcast ANY of your videos live across all top videostream sites and social platforms!





Unlimited Social Chat Bots

Create Intelligent Messenger Chat Bots to engageand profit from your FB pages to drive more results!

Sellin Messenger




Automated Content Syndication

Syndicate and share your videos, articles and eBooksacross multiple social platforms from ONE web app!





Unlimited Website Spokespersons

Create unique human spokesperson videoson any topic in minutes to boost engagement.

EZ Spokesperson Creator


GreenScreen TalentNow


Unlimited Content Creation

Generate viral images and content to poston social media for more traffic, leads and sales!





Unlimited Email Autoresponder

Create opt-in forms, build your email lists and sendemails using this full feature email app!





If you purchase competing apps, you would be paying $1,300/month or more with many limitations. 

For a very limited time, you can get all the apps included inside AutomationBundle WITHOUT paying monthly fees ever! 

This incredibly-affordable low one-time deal won’t last for long…

Be Sure To Take Advantage OfAutomation Bundle’s Low One-Time Price…

This Offer Is Only Available for 6 DAYS!

NOTE: Even If You Already Own One Or More Of These Apps,You’ll STILL Want To Take Advantage Of Automation Bundle!

Because There’s No Getting Around The IncredibleValue Of This Once-In-A-Century Powerhouse Suite!

Coming Soon

Get It Now For A Low
One-Time Price Of Only…


Don’t Wait!


Because after 6 days, it will be gone FOREVER!

Get AutomationBundle For Just $497 $39.95 One-Time!

AutomationBundle - Special DealGet Instant Access To Automation Bundle!

Your low investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee!

To Make This An EASY Decison, When You Act NowYou’ll Receive The Following Launch-Only Bonuses:

Bonus #1 Bonus 1Bonus 1

Logo Cloud App – Agency License ($497 Value)

Create stunning logos for yourself and your clients. Choose from 100+ templates included in the app. Sell each logo for $100 or more!

Bonus #2 Bonus 1Bonus 1

AutomationBundle Fast Track Training ($297 Value)

Learn how to use the apps included inside AutomationBundle to the fullest potential to boost traffic, leads and sales. Unlock amazing case-studies and examples you can clone instantly!
Bonus #3 Bonus 1Bonus 1

HUGE Bonus Software Vault ($997 Value)

Try out amazing enterprise apps for FREE to get ahead of the competition. These value packed software vault alone saves you hundreds in software subscriptions.
Bonus #4 Bonus 1Bonus 1

Campaign Cloner App – Commercial License ($997 Value)

This NEW app instantly discovers the hottest marketing trends and the viral posts on social media. You can instantly get a sneak-peak at whats HOT and find the profitable niches!

Remember, Automation Bundle Is BackedBy Our 30-Day Rock-Solid GUARANTEE

Try Automation Bundle With Absolutely NO Risk Whatsoever – While You Still Can!

Money Back - Guranteed

Get AutomationBundle For Just $497 $39.95 One-Time!

AutomationBundle - Special DealGet Instant Access To Automation Bundle!

Your low investment is protected by a 30 day money back guarantee!


Thanks for checking out Automation Bundle!

Paul PonnaPaul Ponna
Todd GrossTodd Gross

Questions? Comments?

Check our FAQ below, or contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! You get a full 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied contact us for a hassle free refund.

How many apps are included in the bundle?

You get a total of 12 fully-licensed and fully-functional bestselling apps with your AutomationBundle license.

Does it work on both Windows and Mac?

AutomationBundle dashboard is 100% cloud based, meaning it will work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection to access all the apps included inside ONE dashboard. Nothing to install, nothing to update. .

Is there step-by-step training and tech support available?

Of course! Each app comes with full-fledged video tutorials. The app developers will provide dedicated support for ALL the apps included! Please contact the individual support desk provided by the product developer with your questions.

Will the apps be updated in the future?

You bet! All apps are still actively on the market and are continuously updated by their developers. We are all committed to keep making the apps included in Automation Bundle better and better, now and in the future!

Will I be able to access my apps after this special expires?

Absolutely. Your dashboard will remain up and running with no expiration. Only the cart and online ordering for Automation Bundle will close down after the launch expires.

What if I already own one or more apps?

No problem, you are still getting amazing value from all the other apps included. You can create a second account for the apps you own for your spouse, virtual worker or your business partner.

Do the apps included come with Commercial/Agency License?

MANY of the the apps come with FULL commercial license so you can sell services to your clients and earn top dollar. All the other apps come with an UNLIMITED/Pro license!

Everyone is LOVING this…

Victory AkpomedayeVictory Akpomedaye

Paul and Todd are proven masters at bringing innovative software tools to the market. With AutomationBundle, they took their game to a whole new level.

I LOVE that all the marketing tools needed to drive traffic, sales and leads to any business are included in ONE package.

I will recommend this to all my friends and subscribers!

Joe SchinzelJoe Schinzel

AnimationBundle is a real problem solver. After personally using each of the tools provided in AnimationBundle.

I can honestly say that if I was given a complete package such as this when I first started IM, I sincerely believe I would have been leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

This is, without a doubt, a game changer for anybody securing such a bundle of professionally designed marketing tools.

Allen LundyAllen Lundy

WOW, another great offer from Todd and Paul. To say this “AutomationBundle” is worth every penny, is an understatement.

I paid more for ONE software app, here you are getting 12. Totally a no brainer decision here! I personally own many of the apps in the bundle.

One I use almost daily for video posts is Todd’s and Paul’s “VideoBuilder” It’s an amazing program, extremely easy to use.

AJ GodinhoAJ Godinho

I’ve purchased, used and beta tested several products from this AutomationBundle. I’m still using these apps in my own business and promotions, including for clients.

When I look at this bundle, one word comes to mind “VERSATILE”. The value packed into this is extraordinary.

Wow, I can call it the “bundle of joy” which is very appropriate during this holiday season!

Get Automation Bundle Now

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