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Venereal disease leading to urethral discharges

Paediatrics involved as well

Children’s/neonates are victims to be considered and avocated

Other parts of the body are involved

Males are more prone, especially the MSM

At the vulva the outer area, Labia majora and minora also affected.

Maternal-foetal transmission uncommon.

May associate also with human papillovirus lesions

May associate also with human condylomata lata of the scrotum

May as well present on unusual way of HPV to a young boy anus that is peri anal warts.

For those with affinity to oral sex, lesions are typical for syphilis to upper aspect of the


A squamous papilloma of the lateral boarder of the tongue in a patient with HPV.

A syphillic ulcer (chancre) which tends to transmit to the adjacent strctures.

A diffuse papulosquamous eruptions, the common skin manifestations of secondary syphyllis.

As shown above, is an example of condylomata lata affecting a child umbilicus.

Rashes due to secondary syphillis

Presence of lesions on palms,soles helps to distinguish secondary syphilis from other diseases like sarcoidosis,lichen planus, and others, and we call them “copper penny”

Lesions above, denotes late syphilis encompasses cardiovascular syphilis esp. aortatitis, gummatous syphilis, and neuro/psychoneurosis, where you can see tabes dorsalis and general paresis or paralysis.

A typical gummatous syphilitic lesions to skin, bones and many areas.

Congenital or in born eyes damage due to syphilis.

Remember can also cause saddle nose, fragile bones, oral cavity lesions, just to reflect to that one above.

These innocent children’s are affected by those treponema pallidum, but other bacterias or spirochetes can do the same. Laboratory tests will confirm.

Molluscum contagiosum is common. Is caused by pox viruses, may be confusing.

Chancroid may present the same.

Unlike Syphilis,chancroid tends to produce multiple sores,which are very painful unlike the syphilis, may also lead to inguinal lymphadenitis to both sides of the groin, may undergo fluctuations then abscess signs.

Refer to above descriptions.

Granuloma inguinale. An ulcerative lesion in granuloma inguinale as shown.

Granuloma inguinale, (donovanosis) Is a slowly progressive genital genital ulcer caused by Klebsiella granulomatous.

Disseminated disease, in severe cases,may result in lymphoedema, may affect spleen, lungs, liver,bones, and orbits of the eyes. It may cause also, elephantiasis of the genitalia.

Clamydia infection of the cervix.

C.Trachomatis infection.

Conjunctivitis due to clamydia.

Lymphogranuloma Venereum to males, you may read more on this. keep in touch.

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