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Promote labs

In Monday’s email we put a spotlight on our affiliate’s favorite tool:

The Commission Gorilla App

Affiliates who’ve used it have loved it. And they’ve loved promoting it, because there’s nothing sweeter than making money by recommending something you love  to your friends and contacts.

If you haven’t started promoting it yet, we strongly urge you to get started right away. We make it easy with a full set of promo swipes. And we make it really profitable too with 50% commissions across the funnel!

Learn moreget your swipes, and pick up your affiliate link right here

We look forward to sending you lots of commission payments!

Did you take advantage of your 50% discount on the Commission Gorilla tool? Once you use it, you too will fall in love with it (and wonder how you ever did your affiliate promotions without it). Check It Out Here


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