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What if you could get more clicks from your Social Media posts to your money site?

Build a highly-engaged email list from Facebook or Instagram?

Get more sales and leads to your products and services, digital, or eCommerce product.

Let’s be honest – you or your client’s social media posts get buried within minutes.

So, getting people to click thru your social media posts is almost impossible right?

Have you noticed recently whenever a friend posts a story, it appears at the very top of the app?

You see – Both Facebook and Instagram are aware of this issue and thus have been focusing heavily on stories, especially in 2019 and beyond.

As a social media marketer, you can get onboard and start profiting from it by offering this as a service to your clients.

The numbers don’t lie either…
* 300 Million of Instagram’s 500 Million active users use stories daily.
* Plus, 10% of Facebook’s users use stories daily.

Plus, both platforms have started featuring stories at the top of their mobile platforms – which is the place you want to be!

The problem however is creating beautiful and engaging stories that get viewers to swipe up and click thru is more difficult to achieve without looking like an amateur.

Introducing: StoryMate

StoryMate allows you to create viral stories from highly professional, custom video templates, post them instantly to Facebook & Instagram.

Plus, with the commercial license, you can offer this as a service to your clients and quickly make your investment back.

Storymate allows you to sell STORYMATE generated stories to local, digital, or ecommerce businesses and YOU keep 100% of the money. In fact, many social marketers charge hundreds of dollars per story. Now you can do the same in just a few minutes.

Create Beautiful High Converting Video Stories In Seconds: With many templates to choose from, you can create video animated stories with ‘swipe up’ call to actions.

Never have to worry about being on camera: If you HATE being on camera, Storymate allows you to use royalty free content or any content you have to create high converting stories.

Create Stories For NICHE Specific businesses: There is a variety of templates for a wide range of niches from Ecom stores, local businesses, eBook downloads, direct to sale sites, affiliate offers and more.

Send users directly to your sites: Use a Pre-made call to action builder like ‘swipe up’, ‘opt in here’ to allow you to not only create high quality stories, but also provide a call to action that equals a lead or a sale.

Now while testing the online web application, we were able to customize and render short video stories, literally within minutes.

The software is super easy to use, but if you’d like a quick 2 minute demo of the software in action plus all its features –
we highly recommend you check out the sales page

With that said, you’ll get access to a massive targeted bonus
that is geared towards helping you use StoryMate to get more traffic and conversions to your products and services.

They are having a grand opening launch discount right now so fast action takers will get the best deal today!

To Your Success,

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