Inboxr Review – What Is It?

INBOXR is an all-in-one tool for Facebook marketing and management. Also, you can integrate this tool with your Twitter account to make it have the same features as your Facebook page.

This software tool is completely cloud-based. And it works seamlessly with your social media accounts to make your management work easier and faster. INBOXR does all the marketing tasks on complete autopilot, freeing you from the frustrating and repetitive approaching and follow-up works.

INBOXR can help you to reach out to both old and new customers, send automatic messages, and build your database. We will soon have a closer look at its features n the following parts on this INBOXR Review.

About the Creator – Luke Maguire

Luke Maguire is an established leader in social media marketing. He is also the author of many digital products such as Socialite Pro, Instamate, and Live Leap. INBOXR is one of his newest products, which has been receiving the recognization from many digital marketers. Luke always put the maximum effort into any of his products. Let’s see if it is the case when it comes to INBOXR.

Inboxr Review – What Are the Great Features?

Message all audiences on autopilot

With just a click of your mouse, INBOXR will send mass messages to both current and past inboxes. It can also drip feed the content and offer the upsell on your demand.

It saves your time for sending each message to each person. With mass message sending features, INBOXR allows for much more efficient marketing campaigns on Facebook.

Boost the conversion

INBOXR understands the conditional sending demand. It can do the “if-then” tasks. Specifically, INBOXR can automatically follow the past purchases, recommend the offers, and funnel users to the sales page.

Build your email list

INBOXR can collect the emails and put them in a database for you. There will be no need for typing and checking the dictation. Once the customer accepts the discount, promo, or coupon, INBOXR will automatically add their email to your autoresponder and start the follow-up.

Drip feed content

Similar to email marketing, INBOXR helps you to build loyalty and trust from the customers. It also creates more fans and gives you more sales by delivering your content periodically.

One-click installment

INBOXR offers one-click chatbot installment for all niches. You will not need to look for a suitable chatbot for your offers. In other words, INBOXR is a marketplace for everything.

Comprehensive follow-up

INBOXR knows who you have just been in contact recent and who you haven’t. It then will do the follow-up tasks to make the cold leads warm again.

Upsell eCom store

This software tool can approach your customers who already made the purchase. It will recommend them other offers that they may be interested in. INBOXR maximizes the sales potentials, working 100% of its capability to boost sales and conversion.



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