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#Good news to fellow affiliates

Hi Zoo Affiliates,
You absolutely need to check out Today’s Top Sellers! The number one seller has a conversion rate of over 32%!
So, if you are not promoting it you need to be ASAP!

Take 30 seconds and check it out below.

1.) Video App Suite Business Package

Price: $47.00
Commission: 50%
CR: 32.51%
EPC: $18.51

2.) Moto Theme 4.0

Price: $49.10
Commission: 50%
CR: 11.02%
EPC: $5.35
Link to Moto Theme 4.0 Affiliate Page on JVZoo

3.) GMB Hacks

Price: $597.00
Commission: 30%
CR: 2.91%
EPC: $17.39
Link to GMB Hacks Affiliate Page on JVZoo

4.) Affiliate Shortcut Membership

Price: $29.00
Commission: 60%
CR: 4.61%
EPC: $1.91
Link to Affiliate Shortcut Membership Affiliate Page on JVZoo

5.) Vidmonial 2.0 Commercial

Price: $39.00
Commission: 50%
CR: 22.08%
EPC: $9.38
Link to Vidmonial 2.0 Commercial Affiliate Page on JVZoo

Have A Great Day,

Your JVZoo Team!
**These Top Sellers were current as of 10:30 EST**
@josephmambo ID 1140079
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