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Get 10 TRAFFIC Apps for 1 price

Get this…

We have found you the ULTIMATE way to get ALL the traffic on Facebook you want for 1 price.

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Introducing SociCake. 

SociCake is a combination of 10 different Facebook Marketingsoftwares ALL aimed at generating traffic from different sources within Facebook!

The traffic that is generated is REAL. No dummy or fake email addresses. 

The 10 tools included in this complete Facebook Marketing Suite are:

  1. Rich Post Editor
  2. Post Manager
  3. Clickable Images
  4. Messenger Bot
  5. Messenger Broadcaster
  6. Comment Bot
  7. Content Designer
  8. Optin Link
  9. Soci Inviter
  10. Live Engine

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And for a LIMITED time you can grab the Commercial License to SociCake WITHOUT upgrading. 

Just use coupon code ‘soci3’ for your discount!

With this you can now not only generate traffic at will for yourself but you can offer traffic generation as a service and charge whatever you want!

Sell all of these as a combined service for a monthly recurring fee or offer these as individual services for a one-time fee – the choice is 100% yours. 

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Have A Great Day,/ Dr Joseph Mambo&
Your JVZoo Team!


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