Chatterpal vs “automation bundle”

THOUSANDS purchased ChatterPal already within
a couple of day making it a worldwide bestseller!

The rumor is that once the launch price expires ChatterPal
may turn into a monthly subscription.If you are still on the
fence, you must jump in right now as the early bird pricing
may expire at anytime!

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Here are SIX reasons why you should get ChatterPal now…

Reason #1 – This is “first to market” technology that merges
many futuristic technologies into ONE platform!

Reason #2 – You get UNLIMITED access to industry leading
features like interactive talking 3D avatars, intelligent chat
automation, Text-to-speech, one-click translation,
real-time lip-sync and many more!

Reason #3 – Save time and money. ChatterPal comes loaded
with “done-for-you” chat templates in the app from various
HOT niches so you can save time and get your first SMART
chat campaign up and running in minutes!Reason

#4 – “Commercial license” is included, so you can sell
ChatterPal to clients for $300 to $500 each!

Reason #5 – Crush your competition, there is NOTHING in
the market like ChatterPal. You get the first movers advantage!

Reason #6 – Create UNLIMITED ChatterPals for unlimited sites.
JustONE sales can pay off for your entire membership!

Reason #7 – UNLIMITED Google Cloud Hosting is included for
all your chat agents. This feature alone saves you HUNDREDS
in hosting fees!

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NOTE: The early bird pricing may expire at anytime without notice!

Talk soon,

Paul Ponna

P.S. The price of ChatterPal already increased FOUR times since launch
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