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Are e-mails a problem# here you are!!

If you’re already using our cutting-edge Genius Lander page builder you know ‘getting the opt-in’ is pretty easy! 

But what happens when you actually send out an email to your list?

For a lot of business owners the answer has been – “Nothing Much”

Even the best in the industry are struggling to get more than 15% of subscribers to open their messages.

And if subscribers don’t open your emails NOTHING else happens 🙁

It doesn’t matter how long it took you to write that email.

It doesn’t matter how useful the information you send out actually is.

Or, even how great the recommendation or offer inside your message is – If your subscribers don’t opening they’ll never see ANY of it.

It’s why we created this new software and now you can start using it too 🙂

>> Watch The Video Now (see how to get access today)

Right away this nifty little tool is going to help you create emails that cut through the clutter and that your subscribers won’t be able to resist opening.

Combine that with more opt-ins and the super targeted leads that Genius Lander already delivers and you’ll be way ahead of your competitors when it comes to email 🙂

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