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Stay Tuned for daily updates

Hi Colleagues,

Go ahead, crunch the numbers…

Multiple your monthly membership fee by the number of members you aim to bring into the site.

For example, $20 X 500 members = $10,000 per month.

Plug in your own numbers. Makes for a pretty nice figure, right?

But here’s the thing…

What you make on the front end of your business is just the tip of the profit iceberg. The real profits lay hidden in the back end of your site.

You see, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not promoting more products and services to your existing customers.

Let’s take the example of having 500 members. These are cash-paying customers who are very likely to buy from you again. So imagine if just 20% of them purchased a $500 premium product from you. That’s $50,000.

Or imagine if 40% of people who join your site opt for a $20 upsell on the order form. That’s an extra $4000 just from the first 500 customers who join. And all you have to do is set up your upsell once… and profit from it forever.

Are you starting to see the potential of selling related products and services on the back end?

Now the key to this is that any back end offers must be directly related to your membership site. What’s even better is if your back end offers enhance the usefulness or enjoyment your customers get out of the membership site.

In other words, don’t just throw any ol’ products at your customers. Give them something that will further help them solve their problems.

For example, let’s imagine you have a bodybuilding membership site. Members can watch exercise videos to learn good form, download routines, get recipes and much more.

But maybe the one thing your site doesn’t offer is support. Some members can’t self-motivate.

The solution? Offer them an upsell that gives them access to a private support forum or group.

Another thing your members need is protein, and lots of it. You might sign up for an affiliate program to sell whey protein and other supplements inside your membership site.

What else do your members need? Weight, weight benches, lifting gloves, belts and all sorts of other equipment and supplies. You can sell these items too on the backend.

And here’s something else some of your members will want: personalized training.Sometimes people need a little hand-holding. They want a personalized plan. You can sell these plans on the backend for a premium price.

So you get the idea. Even though I used bodybuilding as an example, you can do this with any niche. You can offer:

  • Reports
  • Videos
  • Audios
  • Webinars
  • Coaching/consulting
  • “Done for you” services
  • Apps and software
  • Physical products

If it’s related to your membership site, test it out and see how your audience responds!

To learn more about how to extract money out of the backend of your membership site, be sure to watch the training videos. In particular, check out Videos #8 and #9


, which show you how to uncover the profits that lay hidden in the backend of your site.That’s it for this time. Keep an eye on your inbox, because next time you’ll find out how to create a virtually hands-free site. See you soon…

Membership Marketers Club Team

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The Membership Marketers Club Team


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