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Soon we are going to launch the website, whereby Health, online marketing, affiliate networking, and social entertainments will be accessible.

First of all, may i take this opportunity to thank all of you, starting with wordpress whom have struggled day and night to enlighten this old father on how he can use modern technology to make the world a better place to live, disseminate the available resources which are within reach, and above all making some extra coins online.

Honestly, i am a newbie like anyone else, my proffession is Doctrine where no one of my age could master IT in a short period of time but, determination, persistence and consistance has given me courage at word press to reach where i am for now! Thank you the happiness enginners in here whom helped me so much to archieve my Goal.

I were so ambitious and enthusiastic to make this happen although very busy, with very few coin in pocket.

I am going to narrate my whole story here soon or later, and i hope we are going to enjoy the health newsletters, and many other things, i highly appreciate the hardwork done by the wordpress.

To start with, I am 66 years old, a father of 10 children, a Doctor, retired, but not tired, volunteering with the Humanitarian Red Cross Dispensary since 1989. My other hobbies includes farming, animal husbandry, but solely caring of the sick, the most vulnerable people under the sun, reproductive child health, intravenous drug users,commercial sex workers,,people living with HIV, orphans and widowed, without forgeting the MSM {men having sex with men} Are all my friends, because, are the most marginalised group in the society, stigmatized and discriminated ones. For now i am collaborating with my fellow activists, to ensurethere is  a reduced number of morbidity and mortality rates arising from deliveries and to under 5 years childrens. Hope now you are having a clue, let us meet later ….


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