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The Autoprofit system

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Welcome to  Software access and tradings area all members you are invited to join me here that we may enhance our online tradings easier and yet productive, please await for connections, and i assure you that you are going to enjoy!! Stay tuned.
Welcome To The APS Free Traffic Loophole The content within this report is for personal use only, you cannot print, share or sell any of the information this report contains, just do me a favor and get results, ok? Hey there folks, welcome to The Free Traffic Loophole for the APS.I usually start with an introduction, where I explain and tell a little bit about myself and all that stuff.
But this time, I’d like to SKIP the “about me” part, and get straight to the story. What story? The story of how I had no idea what I’m doing and accidentally discovered this piece of holy artifact.
Ok, this method. You see, It’s been 5 years since I started online. Since then I have learned a lot.
I’ve tried and mastered several list building tactics, yet nothing compares to this one. I’ve tried –
– Solo Ads
– Facebook ads (account got shut down
– Some PPV
– Blogging
– Blog Posting
– Guest Posting
– Adwords
– Bing Ads/7search (ppc)
– Info links (ppc)
– Forum Marketing
– Ad swaps
– Giveaways
Some I’m REALLY good at (solo ads, forum marketing, had a great time with blogging until I
moved on to more serious projects) However NOTHING, and I do mean nothing
compares to the sexiness and speed of this method.
A little warning though, it might sound boring, it
might sound a little scary, but results are what matters.
This method is – Placing Links/Banners On Paid Thank You Pages
Now before you run away with a “Heard About
This!” kinda approach, hear me out. I kinda heard it before too, but never really paid
attention to it. Sounded scary, boring and even kind of “outdated”.
But that’s not true, oh noes. Actually, I’m not just going to tell you ABOUT the
method, I will also tell you HOW to set up everything, the approaches and I’ll even give you
a template to make your job easier. Here’s what this method is BASICALLY about –
Contacting product owners (new, advanced or pro’s, doesn’t matter, as long as they get sales,
you’re set.) Placing your links to your squeeze pages/paid product thank you pages (with an opt-in, ofc) on the thank you page of their paid product. Now, what does this work so good (we’ll get to
the in depth training later), and what are the end results?What happens basically is that when you have an opt-in form on a paid product thank you page (as a bonus, “behind the scenes access” or as a
“Recommended product”) on 5 different thank you pages, you will get 100% pure buyers that
JUST bought onto your list on autopilot without spending a dime. For example –
When I got 391 buyers in a single day, I had my links on only 5 different thank you pages.
All five of them either made 1- 10 sales per day and two of them made 100 – 200 sales a day
(launch day + aftershock). And I set up these links on these thank you pages
about 3 days before. I woke up in the morning, and saw about 10 – 15
new buyers in my list. Not bad, much better than buying a solo anyway.
But then, two days later, I woke up to see 391
new buyers. I was STUNNED. Since these products all generated about 600
sales altogether that day, I got about 500 clicks on my optin form and 391 new buyers.And the next day, It was reduced to 109 buyers. But that happened without work.
That moment, I had this weird feeling.. That kind of feeling you just KNOW something
works like crazy.I looked back and thought –“I just got 391 new BUYERS in 24 hours and
another 109 in the next day without spending a CENT and without working more than..2 hours
LOL?”And this is what is going to happen to you. Now, I have my links on about 18 different thank
you pages all generating sales daily, some 1 – 10 and some 20 -50. And I’m planning on increasing the amount of links I have. I’m working on it every single day since It works
SO GOOD. I now get about 100+ new subscribers to my list via these thank you pages.
Sure, sales will drop, but as I’ll increase the amount of links, It’ll stay steadily on 100+ buyers
per day. Now, what’s so special about these buyers? You see, these people just purchased a product,
they are in some sort of “buyer” mode. But that’s not the cool part of collecting buyers.
Two cool parts overall –1. Sending these buyers directly to your funnel, while they are still in the “buying” mode, increases conversions on your existing funnel.(P.S – If you don’t have a funnel, I highly recommend you to CREATE one HOWEVER this will work well with the APS as well)
2. These people have already proven to have the ability and the desire to PAY for a solution to
their problem. Meaning, these are NOT freebie seekers and they do not look for freebies and free lists to get the magic button. They will PAY for a valuable product that promises a solution to their problem. Buyers! Also, even If I STOP building my list, for any reason. I will STILL own a big list of buyers that I can build a relationship with and continue to grow my
business. So, hope you are convinced that this is a MUST have method and that now you’re ready to start the training itself.. This is a very simple and straight forward
method, you can easily start applying the steps once you finish learning. So here’s a quick recap of how it should be done, and how I did it –
Step #1 – Decide on your offer and it’s angle. Step #2 – Find product owners that have a related
product to your offer Step #3 – Contact These owners with the
template I’ll give you and wait for an answer Step #4 – If they agree, start nesting your evil
squeeze page on their thank you page Step #5 – If all hope is lost, here’s what you can
do (paid) Step #6 – Sit back and watch the results.
Let’s start from step 1 – Decide On Your Offer
And The Angle By deciding on your offer, I mean decide on what product (freebie or paid) you would like to put in there. For example, Let’s say you are currently trying /building a list using a freebie and a funnel. Your offer is a Fiverr freebie. So if you choose your Fiverr freebie, you put a
banner/link with a call to action on the person’s thank you page leading to your squeeze page that
you’re building your list with! And once the new buyers click your link, they enter that squeeze page and subscribe to get your offer! And if you have a funnel, they will continue to
buy your stuff/affiliate products and you’ll make more money! So that’s your offer, now you decided on your offer. But, you need to decide your angle.
Let’s take ME for example – On these TY pages, I’m giving away a PAID product of mine. My new subscribers don’t enter my regular funnel. These people see my offer where I’m giving away a product that is FOR SALE right now on the market. But they? They can get it for free from that page.
All they need to do is to enter their email address and name and they can get it, no catch.
I believe that this way, some good karma happens. There’s no special “funnels” or OTO’S..
They get a paid product for free. And then, when they get an email from me, they get an email from the guy who gave them his paid product for free without any hidden catches.
This increases trust between us instantly and puts me “Above” all the other marketers who just try
to squeeze every cent out their subscribers. Now, this is something that isn’t very important,
but needs to be discussed. When you put these links on the paid thank you pages, you need to decide on the angle. HOW the new buyers will see this offer. Will they see it as.. A. An unadvertised bonus on the thank you page? (increases trust between you and them and between the seller and them)
B.A “promised” bonus on the thank you page (this means the seller posted your offer on
the sales page and said” if you buy this, you also get this!”, this way, the sellers product converts better and he makes more sales while you build your list) C.A “recommended product” which means
that the seller gives them access to their product and says yours is a good one he
recommends. (this way, if your product is
related and valuable, they trust that seller more, and of course you build a list)
Think about it for a while and when you contact the seller, discuss about this with them.
Next step –
Find Product Owners
With a Related Offer This is the EASY part.
All you need to do is to scout for these vendors on the platforms they launch (W+, JVZOO,
CLICKBANK ETC..) or go to affiliate platforms (Muncheye, WarriorJV, Jvnotifypro, facebook
groups) and find owners that launched/launch/about to launch a product that
is related to one of your offers or the offer you’ve
already chosen. So if your offer Is about SEO, find SEO vendors and contact them.
Try to target EVERYONE, whether it’s people who make only 10 sales per day with their product or
whether these are big players who make 100+ sales per day. (usually on launch day they make
the most sales) contact them. Approach everyone who has related products  that are ON the market for sale. Now, the next and most important step –Contact These Owners+ Template
Now the most important thing here is to explain them what’s IN IT for them.
Because they will never agree if it’s all about building your list and nothing for them.
So you need to stress this point and lead with the
ANGLE we talked about.
For example –
You build a list but they get to (Increase conversions – advertised bonus)
You build a list but they get to (skyrocket trust with their list – unadvertised bonus,
recommended product, giving them a paid product for free)
You build a list but they get to (get paid by % -Funnel, for each sale you make in your funnel
with these leads, you send them a % of the money you made)
You build a list but they get to (build their list – tell them you’ll return the favor, you will put
their links on your thank you pages/when you
launch in the future) Note that a lot of these sellers will not agree to
this, but trust me some will and you have a
variety of angles to choose from and a variety of
approaches. Also, in case all hope is lost, see the next step
with the extra paid solution. Now, here’s a template you can use when u
contact sellers – I’ve used this template for a while now and it
works like wonders –Hey, how are you? I don’t want to sound rude or something,
and we really don’t know each other, but I’d like to do some business with you!
Look. Basically, I have an offer I am selling/giving away as a way to
build my list And I think this offer can really complement your upcoming product/your product.
It’s my [Name of the product plus any details you think are
relevant to this vendor) And, I was wondering..
Maybe I can [Give free access to my paid product/put a link to my squeeze page] on your thank you page.
1. What I mean is, add this offer as a bonus on your salespages to increase the value of the offer and increase conversions resulting in more sales.
2. Meaning, after they purchase and get forwarded to thethank you page etc…they get access to [Unadvertised bonus/ recommended resource) and enter their email address and name to download, that way you will gain better trust with your buyers without extra work. Also, I can return the favor by putting it on my own thank you pages (turn this into a swap/put your offer when I will launch/
giving you a % of the earnings on my funnel) That way, it’s a win win, I build a list of buyers, while you provide as much value as you can to your new customers!
Here’s access to the product –
Hope we can do business!
Thank you for reading this,
Good Day
P.S – If you think this sounds “Scammy” or out of the line, feel
free to ask me any questions that pop in that head of yours!
I’m here to do business not to screw
You can contact me via skype/email/forum/phone.
P.S – I also have [Another related offer that he might bemore
interested in)
Let me know, ok?
Simply fill in the blanks and think a little bit, and
you got yourself a swipe to contact sellers for
maximum response.
Now, what to do if they don’t agree and all hope
is lost?
Next STEP!
What To Do When All
Hope Is Lost (Bonus
Solution – PAID)
This “emergency” method can go both ways –
1.Invest some money to convince the seller to
put your page there.
2.Once you know your stats and how much
money you’re making, you can start
increasing the amount of vendors you can do
business with by investing a sum of money
that you know you will earn back, or to take
it to the next level with a vendors you’ve
done business with by participating in his
next launches/relaunches)
Here’s what I mean –
If ALL HOPE is lost and the seller doesn’t agree,
you can contact him/her and tell them you are
willing to pay them per click/lead.
For example –
“Hey bro, I understand why you don’t want to
accept my offer.
So here’s another offer.
I’ll pay you $50 once and you’ll send me 100
clicks/50 leads and if all goes well, we’ll do this
(NOTE – You can start on a low budget an offer an
introductory deal, $20 for 20 buyers etc..)
Let me know what you think,
By doing this you will increase the amount of
sellers that will agree because when you talk $$$,
they listen.
Not everyone understand the meaning of
increasing conversions or building trust with their
And some people will think that swapping or
getting a % is too complicated or risky.
But EVERYONE will listen if you’ll offer money in
Now there’s also a different way to use this.
Once you know your stats, your earnings, how
profitable this can be and you’re on a bigger
budget, you can finally start contacting sellers IN
THE FIRST PLACE with the “I’ll pay you” offer.
This will get more attention, and if you know
you’ll make your money back on this then you’ve
got almost nothing to lose (this is a business after
all so investments can be risky but they are
required to grow it)
OR, you can contact sellers you’ve done business
with and make steady deals.
Meaning, they will advertise your page on every
launch/ty page and you’ll pay them for these
And eventually you will become good business
partners that help each other.
Now go ahead and start contacting those sellers
and once you’ll get some things rollin’, you’ll be
able to just sit back and see all these buyers optin
into your list quickly and on autopilot knowing
you haven’t paid a DIME FOR IT.
Yeah sure, this requires work, but it pays off BIG
TIME and is much better than ANY other
listbuilding method I have ever tried.
I really hope you enjoyed reading the Free
Traffic Loophole for the APS and I hope you
now understand WHY I consider this to be the
HOLY GRAIL of listbuilding.
HINT – It’s free It’s fast and It’s easy.
Now go there and take action and I’m waiting for
your emails with the results you’ve got 
To YOUR Success,
Tom Yevsikov!
P.S – If you skimmed this, please re-read this
VERY CAREFULLY, every detail matters.
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